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The Elevated Leader

Because it's time
for you to               


Life is full of chaos and uncertainty.

We need leaders to rise to new levels.

This intensive leadership course is designed to help managers elevate their skills to lead.

Managers need innovative styles and adaptive approaches, while at the same time,

expected to maintain accountability while fostering belonging.

In a world that is already rapidly changing and marked with unprecedented challenges,

the need for strong leadership is greater than ever before.


Are you ready to step into a position to manage others?

Are you an entry or mid-level manager who is ready to level up your capacity to lead?

This program teaches you how to effectively manage others and address organizational dilemmas:

  • Driving innovation while also building relationships and setting lofty goals

  • Developing self-awareness and navigating the expectations of leadership

  • Leveraging the strengths of those they lead by understanding diverse perspectives and cultivating inclusive strategies

The data-driven framework incorporates a blend of adaptive and inclusive leadership theories, group dynamics, and key elements of adult learning.

We help managers who are ready and willing to create cultures of belonging that elevate today’s diverse workforce.

We co-create and

elevate together

Our process blends data-driven content with emergent design.

We work with you, and we work with what shows up.

We know that different results are more likely to engage from a different process,

so we design immersive experiences where reflection, connection, and dialogue can occur.

We work 'below the neck' and allow hearts and intuitions to compliment the cognitive side of the work.

We commit to showing up, digging deeply into ourselves, and embracing discomfort.

Because we know that through that work, we can grow stronger and lead better – together.

if you believe

This program is for you

  • People are the most important aspect of our organizations and you want to maximize your ability to connect, inspire, and support your team.

  • In your potential to grow your management skills and make a difference in your workplace.

  • That our workplaces need new and improved ways of being and doing in order to help people thrive.

  • Developing yourself is a critical part of your role as a manager and leader.

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