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Spiral Stairs

To get                   
results...we start with                                                processes.

To get                   
results...we start with                                              processes.





Our Services


We design immersive experiences where 

reflection, connection, and dialogue can occur.

We work "below the neck" and allow our hearts and intuition to complement

the cognitive side of our work. 


We know leadership is not just a position, leadership is a practice.

At The Conscious Leadership Academy, we believe that leadership can be taught and that people learn best by doing.  


With a personalized focus, coaches take leaders through a deeper and more integrated process to unlock their full potential. Improving self-awareness, communication, and the ability to address problems, individual and group coaching maximizes impact. 


Offering pre-designed

on-line courses, we push people to dig deep and transform their way of thinking and being to be more effective leaders and managers. 

Our high-demand requested programming has specific audiences in mind.

These programs focus on the unique challenges of the groups we work with.

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