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Women in Leadership     

Our Women In Leadership programs use research and data to address the unique challenges that women face in the workplace, at home, and in their communities. We inspire women from all walks of life to discover skills and strategies to live and lead more courageously.


Women in Leadership Make Organizations                     

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  • Support to develop the confidence to make leadership a part of their personal identity.

  • Training to learn skills to manage the stress and pressures from the many roles they hold in their lives.

  • Increased support with work-life balance.

  • Tools to navigate organizational gender bias, such as double standards, the glass ceiling, and gender-based microaggressions. 

  • Skills to cultivate a strong voice in order to advocate for what matters


  • Our women’s leadership programs offer a supportive and brave space for women to authentically show up, explore their leadership strengths, and identify the patterns that get in their way. 

  • We address the barriers women face without letting ourselves be defined by them. 

  • We will feel confident in our own power, while acknowledging the places we need to grow to show up more effectively. 

  • We nurture the power we have to move things, to disrupt, and drive positive change.

But it's not Enough

We've made progress.

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The 2021 Women In The Workplace study conducted by LeanIn.Org and McKinsey & Company shows that women are still significantly underrepresented at all levels of management. In the United States and around the world, women continue to be underrepresented in high-level, highly paid positions and overrepresented in low-paying jobs. On top of this, women continue to have worse day-to-day experiences at work. Women are more likely than men to have their competence questioned and their authority undermined, and women of color and other women with traditionally marginalized identities are especially likely to face disrespectful and “othering” behavior. 

The women’s experience is a complex and dynamic one.  We attempt to make a great change in our communities and impact the world yet, we still tend to bear more of the responsibility for family caregiving.

This is a Critical Time for Women.

Now, more than ever, we need to speak up,

demand equity and respect, and call out abuse of power.

We must not be afraid to show up as our amazing authentic selves.


Don't think about making women fit the world — think about making the world fit women.
Gloria Steinem

We can help.

Custom Leadership Programs 

​We design and develop programs tailored to your particular needs and challenges. By considering your unique culture, industry, and context, we ensure the content, exercises, and format are both relevant and fitting to maximize growth and impact. 

Using topics and issues we know affect women in the workplace and integrating effective methods for leadership development, we prepare you for the future of leadership. 

This program will

  • Give your women employees and leaders the support they deserve

  • Address specific challenges to your organization.

  • Retain your top talent and prepare women leaders for the next level

  • Support your women as they develop skills and grow their influence

  • Get the best of leadership development content in the context of your specific needs

Women’s Management Program
Leadership Coaching &
Group Coaching Circles

Our coaching program supports women leaders where they are and works with them to get to the next level. Top athletes get coaching throughout their career and we believe wholeheartedly in the impact this has on performance. 


One-on-one sessions utilize advanced leadership assessments and provide data for a truly personalized experience. Your coach becomes your partner to help you think critically, consider carefully, and engage deeply. You will work through real challenges to find effective solutions Your coach will give you the feedback you need to hear so you can do the work you need to do in order to grow. 


Our coaches are experts in women’s leadership, blending extensive theoretical knowledge with applied organizational experience. They have advanced degrees in leadership, psychology, and business, and are certified in a rigorous coaching methodology.

The move from individual contributor to managing others is a difficult one. 

The program focuses on teaching women how to effectively manage others and address organizational dilemmas. Managers need innovative styles and adaptive approaches and are expected to maintain accountability while fostering belonging. Women face additional barriers that need to be addressed for them to succeed in their roles.  

The modules teach women managers to drive innovation while also building relationships, setting lofty goals, and creating a compelling vision. In this program, we help women learn how to navigate the expectations of leadership, cultivate inclusive strategies and understand diverse perspectives. 


This program consists of 10 modules that can be offered in-person or online. 

There is also a hybrid option with both real-time sessions and asynchronous sessions to support the schedules of women managers with self-paced work.


This program is designed for new managers ready to be effective in their role, and emerging leaders who are wanting to rise as a manager.

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Did you know?

A year and a half into the COVID-19 pandemic, women have made important gains in representation. But the pandemic continues to take a toll. Women are now significantly more burned out—and increasingly more so than men. There is also a concerning disconnect between companies’ growing commitment to racial equity and the lack of improvement we see in the day-to-day experiences of women of color.

Despite these headwinds, women are rising to the moment as better leaders. Compared to men at the same levels, women leaders are stronger people managers and more active champions of diversity, equity, and inclusion. Yet this critical work is going unrecognized and unrewarded by most companies, and that has serious implications. Companies risk losing the very leaders they need right now, and it’s hard to imagine organizations navigating the pandemic and building inclusive workplaces if this work isn’t truly prioritized.

The impact of the last year and a half on women is far from clear. But the risks to women—and the companies that depend on their leadership—are still very real.

Let's get started!

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