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Creating the Leaders
the World              

Creating the Leaders
the World              



Leadership That              

The Conscious Leadership Academy (CLA) at the University of San Diego brings

an innovative approach to leadership development.


We know leadership is not just a position, leadership is a practice.

At The Conscious Leadership Academy, we believe that leadership can be taught

and that people learn best by doing.  

We help people become transformative and conscious leaders who lead by

example and inspire others to do the same.


Are you willing to look in the mirror and ask

What is needed?

How We Work

Our world needs leaders who do things differently.


To get different results, we start with different processes.

Our process blends data-driven content with emergent design.

We work with you to identify your most pressing needs and

together, we co-create a path forward.

It's about choices. Having a desire to grow and learn. Showing up.

Sharing a willingness to embrace discomfort.

Digging deep into ourselves and reflecting honestly about what we find.

We design immersive experiences where reflection, connection, and dialogue can occur.

We work "below the neck" and allow our hearts and intuition to complement

the cognitive side of our work. 

We can tell you, "It won't be easy."

We can promise you,

"It' will be worth it!"

How We Work

Our Team

Who We Are
Lorri Sulpizio
Lorri Sulpizio 2
Cheryl Getz
Cheryl Getz
Bo Bae
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Novien Yarber_edited_edited.jpg
Novien Yarber
Cristina Schaffer
Cristina Schaffer 2.jpg
Yihe Yang
Yihe Yang
Ihan Anita Ip B&W.jpg
Ihan Anita Ip 1.jpg
Samantha Jenkins Headshot white BG_edited_edited.jpg
Samantha Jenkins Headshot white BG.jpg

We work with risk takers, changemakers, evolving learners & leaders.

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