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We help people develop self-awareness, personal clarity, and
the ability to understand and integrate individual, group, and community perspectives.
We develop effective leaders who can create innovative solutions
to confidently meet social and organizational challenges.

Everyone can learn to lead better. Leadership coaching focuses on developing the skills most critical for leadership, such as anchoring to values, staying connected to purpose, approaching challenges with curiosity. Whether you are a teacher leading a classroom, a director running a large program, or a parent running a household, developing leadership skills will only enhance your ability to make a positive impact in your world.  We invite you to improve our capacity to regulate emotions and resolve conflict with composure. We invite you to grow your ability for self-awareness and courageous communication. Our trained coaches will support your inner growth, as you cultivate your voice, your boundaries, and you willingness to take risks. 

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Senior executives in the business sector are smart, driven, and successful. Yet the challenge is that the higher you go, the less likely you are to get real, honest feedback. Blind spots create barriers and an unchecked ego can damage relationships.  

Coaching executives requires integrity, courage, and agility. We have a team of highly seasoned coaches, who have worked with some of the most successful CEOs and executives in the world and can speak powerfully and credibly with that audience. Our executive coaching involves a rigorous coach matching process so that coaching styles are aligned with the specific development needs of each leader. Assessments and inventories help executives get real with their strengths and lean into opportunities for growth.

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The move from individual contributor to manager is difficult. Developing skills around learning to manage expectations, establish role clarity, and provide useful feedback requires focus and intention.

Often, our clients call us because they need specific support for an individual leader. This could be to help a leader new to an organization, build skills for an emerging high-potential leader, or address problem areas with a leader struggling with the complexities and challenges of a bigger role. Whatever the case may be, we deploy an experienced coach who is well-suited to the situation and expert in helping that leader make rapid and progressive evolutions, all tied to the organization’s strategy and business objectives.

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Traditionally, coaching has been focused on the evolution of individual leaders. We believe the optimal approach for improving leadership behavior in a team setting is through a process where all of the leaders in a system are simultaneously engaged in coaching efforts. We’ve found this approach lets us focus a team on the behaviors that matter most to succeed against their strategy. It also creates a context for leaders to support each other consciously in a shared and reciprocal process of change.

Utilizing an individualized approach in a group setting, coaching circles are a way to maximize effective leadership practice and culture. 

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Leadership Coach

"The single biggest way to impact an organization is to focus on leadership development. There is almost no limit to the potential of an organization that recruits good people, raises them up as leaders and continually develops them."
John Maxwell

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Each leadership journey is unique and
our programs are customized 

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